whats the rewind throwing drill

try googleing it :roll:

Where did you hear the name of the drill? I’ve never heard of it before.

i saw it on a blog by steve ellis about workouts (i think)

You have the link to that blog?

I have something in mind, is it performed with tubing?

The “rewind throwing drill” is an excellent way to work on rotational strength of the lead leg and balance while also working on the pitcher’s mechanics. See the TUFFCUFF manual.

this was in an email i got from pitchingworkouts.com

I have a copy of Tuff Cuff, I’ll read up on the reverse throwing drill and post it for you td.

thanks wales, any other drills you feel are important id appreciate if you could share

Well first off what are you currently doing?

If you start from the base you have, you can make changes from that, rather then implementing a brand new system, or having someone post something that you already do.

i just do the basics, some upper body workouts and rotator cuff strengthening and lower body inlcudes squats, lunges and leg machines. also some core stuff. i dont feel like i use my legs enough to move off the mound and rotate so im looking for rotational lower body exercises. basically anything to increase velocity using lower body

need some hip strengthening exercises