Drills To Help With Proper Pronation


Looking for drills to help my 12 year old learn to pronate properly when he throws… As a 10 year old threw under 40 innings, as a 11 year old kind found an ability to throw strikes and threw almost 80 innings… His natural release is to turn is wrist a little bit the wrong way, enough that his 2 seamer runs the wrong way… Would like to avoid elbow trouble if possible.


towel drill is always good


What do you emphasize and watch for in the towel drill to ensure pronation?


Make sure his thumb is directly under his middle finger. Kids have smaller hands and they tend to place the thumb up the side of the ball, which results in supination and the glove-side movement seen in many youth pitchers.


Awesome, I bet that’s EXACTLY why he gets glove side movement… hand size isn’t his excuse, his hands are almost as big as mine, so getting his thumb under his middle finger shouldn’t be a problem.