Drill work-arm action(specifically glove arm action)

Here are some throws I did before I long tossed. I was warming up, I was maybe 50 ft away from the fence, and I was working on my arm action.

I believe my new glove action helps to eliminate my ‘w’ thing that has been mentioned. I also believe my posture has been improved.

I think my arm gets to the good ‘power L’ position before I start to turn forward.

I have tried to implement these into my pitching motion with some mixed results. I have gotten some better looks at footplant, but I but I revert back to the ‘old’ glove mechanics which I think throws of my arm action’s timing.

I will be trying to get a video of my full go mech’s on here sometime this week. I’m hoping that I can keep this glove action in my full go mech’s.

Let me know what you think about my arm act specifically. I am obviously not using my legs at all since I’m just warming up.

What are you trying to do with your glove hand/arm?

In this video, you are just bringing it immediately to your armpit and leaving it there. Your objective should be to maximize the speed of your trunk rotation and your glove side action is not helping to do this.

My suggestion: at hand break, think about separating your hands as fast as possible and then think about “spreading your chest” - by moving both hands/arms out wider. You want to stretch your entire body out into landing, not just your legs with the stride but your chest and arms as well. Then pull your glove down toward your glove-side hip as you rotate your torso into ball release.

Here are some throws I did today. I went at about 75% effort through my motion.

I think overall it looks pretty good. I don’t see the ‘w’ that much and I get to a pretty good foot plant position as well as good ER.

Let me know what you guys think!

Trunk rotation is out of sequence. At 100% it may be different, but if trunk rotation speed is not fast and violent, nothing else matters.

Look at Dylan Bundy’s trunk rotation compared to everything else (slow).

I agree that my trunk rotation in the video is not violent or explosive.

I think it will better at 100%.

I was going at this pace to focus on my torso and arm action. I did a couple full go pitches and I noticed that my torso got ahead of my body, so that in turn rush everything.

Thanks for the comments!