Drill work-abbreviated leg lift-full go mech's

I was wondering about your guy’s feed back about these throws. These look better than recent days, but I still have things that I would like to improve on.

I believe my last throw is the best out of the three. The second one being my weakest. On my last throw, I was really focusing on my posture and keeping my torso tall.

I believe things I need to continue to work on is the following:

-longer arm action-I believe my arm gets up to quick, and that creates the inverted w or hitch to slow it down. And my arm action looks better in my drill work and in my drill work it tend to be longer.

-posture-stay taller-I don’t like when I ‘hunch’ over as my leg goes down.

-more out of my legs-I feel that I could get better separation at footplant and get a little further down the mound. I also feel that my front leg is open a little to early. I think it should open closer to the time my back leg begins to open up.

Let me know what you guys think!

The glove side seems to be stopping your forward momentum. You seem to be focused on pulling with the glove side. Try not folding your glove under your armpit. Keep your glove out over your left knee and I think you will get forward more and your torso won’t do what I think you call your “hunch” thing.

Let your left arm take you down the target line. The body will collapse the left elbow on its own in order to maintain your balance. Your body doesn’t want you to fall, trust it to do its job. :slight_smile:

Thank for the comments CoachPaul. That makes sense. I didn’t even notice the glove position.

I won’t be able to throw tomorrow, but I will definitely work with that before I go throw on Sunday.

Thanks again!

After looking at my video again. I don’t think the ‘inverted w’ is effecting my timing as much as it has in older videos. It seems like my arm gets up to a good position while my torso is still closed.

I’m looking at my last throw in the video because that was my best one, IMO.

I don’t see the inverted w as prominently as previous videos which may explain the better general motion of my arm.

If I get my legs going a little better, I think that I will be right where I want to be.