Drill that helps hip snapping

Is there one that helps you snap your hips and at the right time and if there is how do you do it. :smiley:



The best way to get good hip rotation and speed is to build a fast linear motion that can then be transfered into a fast rotational power to throw the ball. Speed up the sideway’s motion and use alot of force sideway’s that would help more then a drill that will slow you down.

In lamest terms strong, high,and BALANCED leg kick and go right towards the plate.

also a good drill is to try and lift ur leg as high as u can while keepin ur balance and rotate it outwards in a circle while flex ur big toe up and sit down in ur heel.( u should feel that in ur inner thigh close to ur pelvis).

hint:watch nolan ryans leg kick he has perfect balance and its incredible powerfull