Drill?- Staying closed


In our program we have several pitchers who have a problem with blowing open their front side arm and landing with their lead leg open. I am looking for a drill(s) that correct both the lead arm and landing. I put tape down to show the landing and where they should be, but I want to correct the reason they land this way.
Also, whenever I try to tell a pitcher to keep their glove side closed, they either
A) don’t extend it (keep it tucked to their body) , or
B) it messes up their arm path ( bring it to far behind body)

Anyone have any drills they use to correct blowing open with arm and leg?


Toe taps and step behinds…both demonstrate the linear aspect of delivery without forcing concentration on the upper torso…
Toe taps from the stretch do a knee lift and touch it out front 3 times and on the forth generate momentum and deliver…

Step behinds…from the stretch, take the front foot step half a foot length forward, bring the back foot behind and set it next to the front…in front of it, knee lift and deliver…if this is too vague let me know I’ll link it to a vid of it.

I would suggest to you that many times without understanding it, pitchers try to correct issues by muscling up in the shoulder/torso area, these issues can as a general rule be corrected by working the fundemental aspects of the delivery in a specific drill oriented way, your tape cue is ok but they shouldn’t be looking down in the delivery process, having them orient properly helps a bunch…I hope I’ve given you some ideas.


Can I see a video of that Mr. JD?


I would also love to see a video of this. Thank you.


I drop this vid quite a bit but it has some great drills…It’s my son working with former Cub Rick Wilkins, the 3rd drill is step behinds, the second one is a great way to keep a guy from over rotating.


Thanks JD! Is the first drill the toe taps you were mentioning?


No he didn’t have him do it that day (TT’s) The 1st is designed to improve core stability and strength, he is holding a 3 lb weight in both hands, Roger also mentioned another purpose which House uses it for…I can’t remember off the top of my feeble noodle…try it them boys will feel exactly where they need to condition for the core :lol:
My son said it helped him in the couple of ways I mentioned, just a balance beam (So it’s about a 6" transition and those are 3 lb sandbags.