Drill for Front Foot?

My son still tends to step out with his front foot. I have seen pitching drills with a wood block on the mound to remind the pitcher to step straight. Any help on a drill?

Are you trying to delay the front foot’s movement out (and promote better “leading with the hip”)? Or are you trying to get him to land in a straighter line and balanced?

Is there something that can be done for opening the front foot/hip to early? My son tends to sweep his foot instead of remaining closed until before landing.


Coach Ellis, I noticed his front foot lands toes pointing at the catcher but to the left of center line (right handed pitcher). Is this a sign of early hip rotation or simply landing left of center? He seems to do a good job with the shoulders, keeping the ball back until release. Ttarney, we may have the same question.

We used a 2x4" on the mound and he took right to it.

I am trying to get my 12yo to keep his toe down on leg lift. He tends to keep is foot flat. He is asking me why make the change and I don’t have a good answer for him other than that’s how MLB pitchers do it. But he’s smart enough to know there are exceptions.

Unless you can trace some specific problem directly to the foot not pointing down (and I doubt you can), I wouldn’t worry about it. I know some folks want the toe down or the ankle/foot relaxed. But I’ve never been able to relate any problems to that.

I would guess there are other more important issues to focus on.

Keeping the toe relaxed helps prevent leaning back on the leg kick. It keeps your body straight up.