Drill for consistency

I learned a great drill for consistency in your mechanics from a pitching coach. Put an empty trashcan a couple feet in front of you on the side of your pitching arm. Then have someone put a glove up at your shoulder level a bit to the right of your shoulder. Go through your mechanics, and if you hit the glove or the trashcan with your feet, you need to work on your mechanics.

a little confusing but ya i guess it will work

How is that going to help with anything at all? Thats going to slow you down and make you mechanical am I right?

That drill sounds like a drill thats going to make you more balanced or something along the lines of that and pitching is all about momentum and gettting the body moving sideways asap so how would that drill do that?

it makes sure that you make the 90 degree angle with your arm so you can clear the glove and with your leg that you have enough momentum to clear the trashcan

IDk if that will be anything good to work on. Try focusing on pitching from a mound hittting your spots in and out with smooth but explosive mechanics. Rather then doing this drill which will not help because you alter your mechanics it sounds like to do that drill.

RIstar I don’t know why you disagree with EVERYTHING that anybody says. I’ve done this drill before- it’s not about momentum or anything. The point is that it’s supposed to prevent your stride leg from flying open so that you’ll go straight to the mound. It’s a good drill if you’re having problems with flying open.

Man I try to be patient but you act like you’ve found the SECRET of pitching your mechanics aren’t even good.