Drew 13y Pitching Analyisis



I like most of the lower body movement and how you get your arm to equal and opposite. You are vertical with your leg lift and don’t seem to get off the mound with explosive power. Getting your front hip forward before you begin your stride can help you get more power later on in the delivery, so I’d put some work in on that.

You land on your heel a bit, but you don’t seem to land hard, so I wouldn’t change it unless you are having trouble stabilizing your landing.

Your upper body could use some work. Get your chest out there to the glove. Your release is over your head instead of out front. You should try to put some emphasis on your trunk. You need to create torque through the upper body and flexing that trunk forward and getting your throwing hand out over your front foot.

You have a lot of good components. Keep it up.


Two things stick out to me.

Would like to see a more balanced/athletic set position. His feet are too close together and he is standing straight up. This may affect what Steve mentioned about not getting explosion.

The other thing is the back foot coming off the ground before release. He is basically throwing off one leg. Having that back foot pop up prematurely will have a negative affect on balance and direction.


Great ideas guys. I will work with him on these next session. Thank you


No, his release point is fine. Releasing out in front of your face makes pronation later, putting stress on your arm longer. When you release behind your head, you pronate earlier, distributing the stress earlier.


Pronation only happens after extension, so it can’t be earlier or later, it can just be in a different place. The further back the extension, the less the acceleration. Earlier release means slower the arm. Less time on the gas pedal. Mike Marshall deliveries don’t max velocity, they max pronation. Slower arm for less injury risk and less arm stress.


He looks like Max Scherzer when he finishes throwing, now don’t change anything, but just keep in mind that fielding hard hit line drives will be a pain. (Not that it matters, nobody cares who the gold glove pitcher is.)


When I said earlier I meant earlier in the delivery.


Show me an example of a health mlb pitcher with the release point you have in mind.


You should read this Sports Illustrated article that talks about the benefits of a release point that is out front.


I read it. Here’s Robertson a bit after release.

If you rotated his trunk so it was straight up his arm would be behind his head. His arm is almost behind his head without doing that, but that isn’t my point.


I’m not saying a release point closer to the hitter is bad. I’m saying it shouldn’t be because you’re pushing the arm way out in front of the face by pulling down, it should be because of a good trunk.