Draft numbers


I was wondering if anyone had the following numbers on pitchers drafted in the 1st & 2nd round from yesterday:

height & weight
% of body fat
squat or deadlift max
vertical jump
long toss max


Here’s all the info you’d need to compile it. Anyone want to take a stab at it?



By the numbers:

39 of the first 75 picks were pitchers (52% of all picks)

Of these 39 pitchers…

  • 16 were high school picks
  • 23 were college picks
  • 29 were RHP
  • 10 were LHP

Roughly 70% of first-rounders make the majors, but fewer than 40% stick there for at least three years. Those modest success rates decline precipitously in subsequent rounds.


99% of that information will not be publicly available.

You might have some luck reaching out to the respective programs strength and conditioning coaches but that will be a long shot.


A kid from a local college here went early in the 2nd round. Proud of him, the Cubs too


Maybe a better question would be what are the ranges organizations are looking for. My estimates would be…

6 feet +, 210-225 lbs.
less than 20% body fat. 20 being the max
300+ lb squat
high 20’s-mid 30’s vert jump
92+ mph fastball, command of 2 offspeed pitches too
a min of 300 foot long toss