DR. Mike Marshall

I just saw MLB Tonight with mike marshall, what’s up with this turning the elbow up. It doesn’t seem right. From what I saw You would have to throw close to over the top, I throw 3/4 and i’ve herd changing your arm angle can cause injuries. He threw 3/4. Also Chris O’Leary agrees with him and I dont agree with him. Please tell me your opinion and don’t just go at O’Leary, thanks.

Here is a clip of Marshall demo’ing his throwing mechanics for catchers.

Since this video clip claims at the beginning that his catcher’s motion also uses his pitcher’s throwing motion…you can get a good look at what Marshall personally thinks about proper arm-action.

Dr. Glenn Fleisig, at ASMI, studied four of Marshall’s hand-picked students with Vicon motion analysis technology.

The two main conclusions of that study were:

(1) Marshall Mechanics are much less effective at generating velocity than traditional throwing mechanics.

(2) Marshall Mechanics create more stress on parts of the elbow and shoulder when compared to velocity-matched pitchers using traditional throwing mechanics.

If you search this site on Marshall, you will find all the information you ever wanted.

I just don’t think Marshall’s mechanics give you an opportunity to be considered a serious pitching prospect. There just aren’t any kids throwing like that anywhere in the college or pro ranks. No where. And trust me, you’re not going to be the first to do it. In my opinion, if your pitching mechanics don’t give you an opportunity to get to the next level, you need to change them. Right now. You need to find something that will , while allowing you to reach your full potential. Because even then, sometimes it still just won’t be good enough. But it ain’t going to happen ever with that motion.

I saw that last night, and I had to turn off the TV because I couldn’t stand seeing the contortions that kid was being subjected to. And for what? The thing about Marshall is that he threw the screwball practically all the time, and the reason he didn’t throw his arm out was simply that he did NOT throw hard enough to break a window. So now he goes ahead and tries to teach his students how to throw a screwball, not to mention some other pitches for which he has crazy names and which invariably go way up in the strike zone.
I think I mentioned that one day several years ago I drove out to Zephyrhills to talk to him, all in the service of a research paper I was doing which I would present at a Cleveland area SABR meeting—and after two hours I got out of there as fast as I could! You know, I’m surprised that Harold Reynolds and the other guy put up with that interminable nonsense, especially his insistence that the only way to go is “over the top”. Yecccchhhh!!! :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

That sums it up pretty well.

Does anyone have a link to that vid, I haven’t watched MLB tv in a while and would really like to see how the rest of the guys reacted to him.

I don’t think anyone could have said it better.

I saw this this morning before i headed to class. The only plus i see with this motion would be a little more tail on your fastball as you are pronating your arm on every pitch.

I agree completely with Steven’s insights.

Marshall and his students constantly complain that no one will give them the ball. But, the fact is, they have had many chances to prove themselves and they simply cannot get it done.

Two guys, identified by Marshall as his “best” were given a fair shot at making the team roster for the Bridgeport BlueFish indie team a year or two ago–Marshall’s personal friend, Tommy John, was the team’s manager so the situation was tailor-made for them to get every chance they needed to succeed. Both Marshall pitchers were released before the end of spring training. Marshall now claims on his website that his friendship with T. John was “one-sided” and the BlueFish had no good reason to release his pitchers. According to Marshall we are supposed to believe that these two guys were actually the best pitchers on the BlueFish’s Spring Roster, but they were both unconditionally released before the season opened because of a wide-spread conspiracy in high places against Mike Marshall. Oh, please. Personally, I think there is a conspiracy against incompetence that operates at each successive level of baseball–that is the net that seems to catch all of Marshall’s pitchers.

Various of his pitchers attend open try-outs with MLB orgs fairly regularly and they generally get laughed off the field. In this setting they cannot be laughed off the field unless they get their chances on the mound and then do something laughable with their chances…like pitch with bizarre mechanics that give them no velocity, no control, and no success.

Dr. Glenn Fleisig of ASMI offered to work with Marshall and his pitchers to study their motion and verify some of Marshall’s claims, if possible. Fleisig’s careful study showed that Marshall’s mechanics are as bogus as medicinal titanium necklaces (although the necklaces actually look better and they won’t automatically kill your chances for a career.) Now on his website Marshall includes Dr. Fleisig and Dr. James Andrews among the growing list of people that he calls “ignorant morons” who do nothing except “destroy pitchers’ arms”. Ah, yes, that explains everything.

Marshall Motion is the baseball equivalent of Perpetual Motion–it is fraudulent…let the buyer beware.

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I think not.


“…can you post the longest replies on the internet …?”

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Mike Marshall—not to be confused with a pretty good journeyman outfielder of the same name—has a book which he is constantly revising and editing. I downloaded it once, and I read it, and the first part was very heavy going. Even if I were a student of kinesiology—which I was not—I wouldn’t have been able to get through it, not in a million years. As for the second part—I found it to be such a mishmash of questions and answers that even a caveman couldn’t make sense of it. And he has the nerve to go ahead and style himself a master of pitching? A mixmaster of outright garbage is more like it.