Dr. Mike Marshall

hey i was talking to my friends, and they told me this guy has a pitching program were people can throw 95 mph + with unthinkable movement, and stay injury free.

any ideas, thoughts

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Go to his website. Granted his ideas are completely different from anything you have ever seen as far as pitching mechanics are concerned but he does know what he is talking about when it comes to being injury free. There is a video with a kid throwing a 15lb metal ball with his mechanics. Its actually frightening.

It should be. I read another post about someone who had gone to a university with a good pitching program only to find that the coach had been replaced by this Dr. Mike Marshall. The result? Disastrous. This aggravatingly opinionated goofball is a good one to stay away from. 'Nuff said. :glare:


Marshall has come up with his own mechanics and throwing motion that supposedly eliminates injuries in pitchers. It shifts forces away from smaller muscles and ligaments and places them on larger muscles.

The problem is that Marshall has virtually no pitchers that have made it to the big league. And he’s been at this for a long time. So, Marshalls ideas are not only very different from everything pitchers have been doing for 100+ years, they are also unproven. Of course, the Marshall followers will disagree with that.

The parallels between Mike Marshall and P.T. Barnum are scary.

Both are famous names (Marshall for what he did in baseball during the 60’s/70’s and Barnum in the circus industry from long, long ago).

The operating philosophies of both men boil down to Barnum’s most famous sound-byte:

“There’s a sucker born every minute”.

I urge everyone remotely interested in Mike Marshall’s drivel to carefully read through the years of Q & A at his website. It will take you a long time to do it, but you really should make the effort…if the totality of Marshall’s stuff passes your laugh-test, well…congratulations! You too can join his 10 or 11 foolish cult members and start annoying people with his gibberish.

Let me quote from a research paper I did last year and presented at the Cleveland chapter of SABR—about pitching coaches.
The trouble with this Mike Marshall (not to be confused with the outfielder of the same name) is that he is one of the most aggravatingly opinionated individuals I have ever run across. As he talked about the various programs he has worked out for different age groups I couldn’t help thinking about these various religious advocates we’ve all heard about, each one saying that this way or that way is the only True Path to the Lord. And to be sure, he has his own True Path. I’m not even going to mention the various mechanical contrivances he has pitchers working with, because their value is at best questionable. He seemed to be locked into the concept of throwing “over the top”—straight overhand to the uninitiated—as the only way to go, and as he described this approach in the same mind-numbing detail I marveled at his obliviousness to the mere possibility of their being other ways to deliver a pitch!..And as I was watching a couple of guys who seemed to be in their early twenties working out with this stuff I was very hard put to keep from laughing out loud because I was instantly reminded of a very funny story Jim Brosnan tells in his fine book “Pennant Race”. He spoke of a fan, not even a lovable kook, who hated the Dodgers with a passion and who sent to all the visiting teams coming into Los Angeles a mimeographed letter in which he told them how to beat said Dodgers, expounding on his “Method Laboratory” in which he developed the “Orbit Swing” and the “Astronaut Pitch” according to the principles of “Gyroscopic Space Age Balance”.
There’s more, but this should give you an idea of just where this nincompoop is coming from. So much for him.

Dr. Marshall is VERY “my way or the highway” and that is keeping much of the good research he has done from coming to the forefront.

My son was having control issues and to start over we used a version of the Marshall (one step to the plate - all motion forward - no leg kick) delivery to great success. My son then switched back to a more conventional motion, but it still uses much of the Marshall delivery.

I don’t know if it has been discussed around here but someone named Chris O’Leary
has done extensive studies on the motions of pitchers and injuries and many of the successful and long lasting pitchers incorporate much of his wind-up. I don’t know if I believe in his training methods completely, but the delivery is working looking at.

The PT Barnum reference isn’t really fair as Barnum was in it for the money. Marshall charges $20 per day for the lessons and room and he has given away all his info on the web. Not exactly someone who is out to make a quick buck.

Having looked at the video of your son that you posted, I wouldn’t say I see anything in his delivery that is Marshall-ish. Actually, his mechanics are very consistent with the NPA’s mechanics model. House also teaches “all motion forward” if I understand that correctly.

Chris O’Leary is well-known around here. But you’ll find there are many folks that feel Chris presents his ideas as fact when they are really just theories. And those same folks will also tell you that Chris’s theories are unsupported. So be prepared to receive some resistance when you reference Chris and his theories.

i dont understand marshalls ideas at all

Maybe Chris O’Leary can clear things up for you.

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Maybe Chris O’Leary can clear things up for you.[/quote]

HAHAHAHA… I’m sorry but that acutally made me laugh out loud when I read that, great stuff… :lol:

It’s impossible to understand a nincompoop. Don’t even try—you’ll only wind up with the great-grandfather of all headaches, not to mention a sore arm. :slight_smile:

The way I see it with Marshall, he trains all these “Star Pitchers”, yet he had like a 30 minute video about 4 months ago on HBO and said that one of his pitchers has made it to the majors. So, 1 pitcher has made it to the pro level. There are many pitchers with great movement and they don’t have injuries. I highly doubt they use the Marshall way.