Dr. Mike Marshall

If there is no value to Dr. Mike Marshall’s pitching techniques…how did he do what he did??..

I am not going to address a “he did this … he didn’t do that” as a response to your question. But I am going to address the basics of any style and a style that is coached later on by a pitcher - pro or not.

If you were to write your name next to ten other people, you would instantly see that each of you has a different style to your pen. Your signed name has it’s own “look” to it, as does evey one else.

Now try and approch the person right next to that signed his name next to yours, and try and convince him to sign his name exactly as you did. If it works, fine - but, more often than not it doesn’t. And so would, or might, be the case with all the other nine people around you.

Perhaps, just perhaps … Dr. Marshal has an approach that has a similar effect on SOME people. Just a guess.

I have no doubt that Mike has had a career that he’s proud of, and worth taking stock in. A man doesn’t make it to that level in his career without “stock”. And as such I give the man credit where credit is do. He seems like a gentleman who promotes a program that some people find helpful. Others, do not. That’s just the way of things.

I’ve tried to help some men coming back into the mainstream of things and have been called all kind of names - only to hear my inner voice say… “you know, he’s right!”

Judging others is a tricky road, so I try to stay on a road that I know instead of getting lost on roads I don’t know. But, then that’s just me.

Coach B.

Coach B,

Excellent response…very wise…is Maury Wills not in the hall because he played banjo in Las Vegas…


Iron Mike did what he did in MLB and then altered his thoughts about traditional delivery methods after he left the bigs. The people who have attempted those deliveries that he now advocates have not broken into the bigs (Sparks and Williams are the 2 closest but they weren’t “purists” to his model). The problem being first that the “amazing speed and movement” that he tauted as benefits (Along with being totally injury proofed) never materialized outside of his theories, secondly the delivery in its purest form is so beyond what is considered “normal” that it doesn’t usually get taken seriously by those who observe it first hand…a scout isn’t putting his job on the line for someone who looks like that unless they are proven to be ultimately successful…this also makes Marshall followers feel that they will never get a break and the “genious” is oppressed by conspiracy.
Some people are now revisiting his thoughts now that he is out of actively teaching and the revision has to do with his conditioning techniques, many people including folks like Paul Nyman have acknowledged potential and real benefit from the conditioning that he has promoted…
So there you go…Marshall is also noted to be extremely caustic as a personality and his followers have a similar reputation.
I’ve tried to give as unbiased and factual picture of what he’s done and evolved to, I encourage you to look for yourself…there are reams of stuff both pro and con out there.

Excellent responses from Coach B and JD. I am curious what the original poster thinks of him and his techniques? I appreciate the thoughtful responses.