Dr. Mike Marshall Kinesiology pitching mechanics?

Does anyone know how to throw like that? I was really interested and wanted to try if anyone could make a video or tell me how to pitch like that. It seems like the pitches get great movement like the maxline screwball. So anybody got any thoughts?

he is full of crap but that is just my not-so-humble opinion.

Good luck throwing 90 mph…or even 80 for that matter if you listen to this guy.

Lefty, I’m with you!
A few years ago I presented a paper on pitching coaches at a SABR regional meeting in Cleveland, and in a sort of trip to the zoo I divided these coaches into four categories: the ones who could pitch and could also coach and teach; those who couldn’t pitch well but who could coach and teach; the ones who could pitch but couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag; and the ones who couldn’t do either…and this Marshall is a prime example of category four. What a consummate jerk! 8)

Uh… Mike Marshall won a Cy Young. I would hardly call him someone who “couldn’t pitch.”

As for his thoughts on mechanics, please search the forum. This topic has been discussed ad nauseam.

I agree with you guys, but I don’t know what to call it, but I give in to things easily.I saw a video of someone pitching like that and he looked like he pitched fast, unless they sped up the video. But What really makes me agree with you guys is the way they are throwing. How could they get power and how could they generate momentum to even get the ball up to 70 mph? It just doesn’t seem like these mechanics work well.