Dr. Marshall's Video Available

There are ongoing threads that have explored some of the ideas that Dr. Marshall, who won the Cy Young in 1974, has developed regarding pitching arm injuries and his biomechanical solutions for eliminating these injuries. (You might also recall that my son, drafted in 2003, is currently training with Marshall.)

I spoke with Dr. Marshall yesterday and am aware that he has now released a video that details his research. For those of you who are interested, you can find more information about this 2 1/2 hour video on his website:


I saw rough edits of this video when I visited Dr. Marshall in January. It clearly shows why conventional pitching mechanics injure the arm, using high speed film research he has done for almost four decades. You will also see x-rays of youth and adult pitchers that show the bone damage done by pitching. He also provides a clear teaching methodology for teaching a pitching mechanic that eliminates pitching injuries as we now know them. The video also includes major league game footage of two pitchers who threw using at least portions of what he now advocates.

If you have a son who pitches I strongly recommend that you view this video.


I second the recommendation.

I think it’s money well spent.

…and for only $100 dollars! :shock:

This is not proven to prevent arm injuries, and Marshall acknowledges that on his site. So basically he tries to scare parents by saying that traditional mechanics will destroy Junior’s arm and then he says that his own pitching system is the answer. Does his system cause less damage? Marshall states, “Yet, the truth is that I do not know that this might still permanently deform their pitching arms.”

Yah, defintly not worth 100 of my dollars

At the risk of being annoyingly repetitive, (too late, I think) to this point, Marshall’s been all talk and no proof. It’s hard to spend $100 ($117 Canadian :cry: ) on someone’s theorizing, who has not shown proof of any of his claims. Show some proof that the baseball community can evaluate and, if it pans out at all, maybe then people will cough up the cash. Until then, I think I’ll save that $117 for something tangible.