Downsides of pitching submarine

What are the downsides to submarine pitching.

I would say lack of speed, the ability to really throw it hard, lack of control at times. Throwing to hitters that bat opposite the way you throw.

But you have a great advantage to hitters that hit the same way that you throw. So if your a RHP you will do better against a RHB.

Can you pitch a riser when you throw submarine.

A rising fastball? No such thing. Only a fastball that “drops less”. Throwing submarine, your pitches will have always go up then come back down due to release point and lack of velocity.

there is too way you can make it rise from a submarine point, throwing a straight fastball isnt one of them because you give the ball kind oftop spin which makes it drop like a sinker or something. if you throw as curveball it will appear to float iof throw corectly and if you throw it up in the strike zone in none time will the ball start to go down since the release point plus the spin makes it go high. you could call that a riser. the other way is to make the ball spin like a bullet because there is no movement caused by the spin the ball will just keep going and follow the path you gave it lets say you threw it up and aweay, that would be a good pitch if you just dropped a fastball up and away for a strike before. to get that bullet spin you might want to practicewith a football before that exactly the spin you should get. throw it like a football from asubmarine stance

Do any of you know how to throw a sinker submarine because I have no clue?



In my experience, when you throw a 2 seam or even a four-seam fastball submarine, it sinks because of the topspin.

According to the laws of physics, there is no way. It is an optical illusion. The ball will initially “rise”, but it will not continue to rise. It will not maintain a straight trajectory. Lack of speed and the spin axis will cause it to drop, or drop less.

You can call it what you want, but the word “riser” would be a misnomer. Because as I stated earlier, every pitch will go up and come back down. Some will come back down less than others.

[quote=“BarryZitoFan”]Do any of you know how to throw a sinker submarine because I have no clue?



No point in throwing an actual sinker. Almost every pitch will have downward movement. Throwing a regular fastball from submarine is already a sinker.

Thanks for the answers. :smiley: