Downside to Lincecums stride

As you probably know, Lincecums stride is equal to 100% of his body height. Over time ive noticed the majority of lincecums fastballs are left up in the zone. He gets away with leaving them up because of his excellent velocity and perceived velocity- he take a mound thats 60 feet 6 inches and virtually makes it less than 54 feet 6 inches away. This helps give his 94 MPH fastball that extra life which allows him to get away with leaving pitches at the letters.

I was wondering if his extreme drop and drive-maximum stride- delivery is harmful to achieving downward plane and throwing at a hitters knees. If you think about the physics of how he throws, his mechanics don’t seem to enhance the possibility of a low strike.

I dont see how it could be. Lincecum’s mechanics are basically the same as every other pitcher once his foot hits the ground. The stride does allow him to get closer to the plate but I feel that it is just his release point that gets away from him. I have seen vids of him throwing different pitches and he can repeat his mechanics very well. I would have to say that location up or down would either be posture or release point