Doubt about Phases Conditioning and the 6 days a week cardio

Hello there I have a Question regarding on the Manual I just got it and already start the phases already on my first week on phase 1 my question is on the back of the phase 1 program page which is the conditioning workout you said the 4 100 yds jog 3/4 speed with 1 min rest between. Okay now what about on the cardiovascular exercises the 6 days a week program at the bottom your mention that it’s a off-season cardio program and the one in-season has been modified cool. But I’m confuse on what i need to do either 4 100 yds jog 3/4 speed or I should do along with the 6 days a week cardio program or I should stay doing the conditioning of phase 1 at least for a month and then start the other one or what I will appreciate if you could anwer that for me because is confusing.

Let me see if I’m understanding your question correctly: You’re starting Phase 1 and you want to know what running to do, right?

Remember in Phase 1, which starts on Page 104, you’re working out 2 times a week with an optional 3rd day. So when you flip the page and look at the running programs on the back of the exercise chart, you’ll see 2 running days, which correspond to the two workout days. If you’re working out the optional 3rd day, simply perform either one of the running days again. Doesn’t matter which.

The 6 day running program is for the inseason workouts (Phase 5). So you’d do that conditioning program with the Phase 5 workouts. I generally wouldn’t mix the Phase 5 running with the Phase 1 workouts … the work loads are set up that way for a reason.

Good to go?