Don't want to be a suck-up but

I have been using tuff cuff’s in season workout and now weeks 5 & 6 of phase one since early june and I just want to say I absolutely love it. The in-season program helped me receive the MVP award this past season for my U16 Legion team. I threw with my high school pitching coach last night and he said i was throwing a good 5 MPH harder than I usually do. I’ll be using Tuff Cuff until my baseball career ends…

You’re not being a “suck-up”. You’ve just been summing up what works for you and what has enabled you to pitch better. Congratulations, and keep up the good work. 8)

Thanks Zita,

Just got home from an intense legs workout. I love the feeling of your hamstrings about to snap when you’re fighting for that last squat rep! No better feeling of pain!