Don't understand what to do

My coach says that as my back foot turns it’s laces should be parallel to the ground and they should almost touch the ground I understand what he means but I don’t know how to accomplish this without faking it.

i know that most are going to say that we would like to see some video of this prior to making comments…but my question would be,

“Is there something specific that you are trying to accomplish with making changes in how your foot is aligned to the ground?”

I would hope your coach isn’t trying to make a correction based on some mechanical thing that he thinks you should be doing vs there is a specific issue which you might be having and he is trying to adjust with this mechanical correction.

I’m not sure that I understand what you (or your coach, actually)
mean by having your laces “parallel” to the ground.
And like buwhite said, a video would help on this (especially if you could get a pretty close shot of your back foot.).

After the pivot just at release and before it comes up and over your shoulder the back foot is turned and the laces face the ground. When I watched the Hershier drill ,the coach was checking the drag of the toe and if it went in a straight line.

He said I should push off of the rubber with enough force that this will happen (laces parallel and either touching or almost touching the ground)

This should happen automatically, honestly. It’s a weird spot to focus on from a pitching mechanics correction standpoint. Can you post some vid?

Like Steven said…it’s kind of weird to be focusing on this as a mechanical improvement…we all look forward to some video.

The back foot turning over is a non-teach, it just happens. Watch MLB pitchers as they get out towards their landing, the only part of the back foot in contact with the ground is the inside tip/big toe of the shoe. The foot will turn over naturally when you rotate.

I think the most odd part is that his coach is saying that his laces should, “almost touch the ground”??? Aren’t they gonna be where there gonna be?

They should touch or almost touch he said, I’m with you buwhite though the should touch and this is right before I lift up my back foot
It would rotate but only to where my heel was facing straight up he said that this was caused by not pushing off from the rubber enough

My advice would be to get some good pitching books and start being your own coach.

Austin, can you get some video up from you so that we can have a look?