Don't Like Taking Compliments

Recently I’ve had to inform family members and friends not to compliment me on my performance. I don’t want to hear about my statistics. I feel like I’ve done pretty good so far. Pretty good, to me isn’t good enough.

What do you think of this mentality?

What do I think about it? I think it stinks on hot ice. It seems to me that to your way of thinking, no matter how well you do it can never be good enough, and if you keep going along those lines you’ll alienate family and friends alike. I don’t see anything the matter with a simple “Thank you” as a response; if you do, you’d better step back and do some serious thinking about what you’re doing. Imagine—a teammate tells you “Nice going” and your response is something along the lines of “Go take a walk”, it’ll get to the point where nobody is goikng to want you around. Do you honestly want that?
And how did this negativism about your abilities start in the first place? :shock:

Let people close to you compliment you, it’s just part of conversation, be humble and if you don’t like the attention, put it onto your team and how well they are doing.

i used to be like that, if i had a good game, people would come tome and be like hey good job out there or hey that was amazing and i was like nahhhhh or boff… While in my mind i knew i did something good i didnt want it to show. it was mastly fear of people thinking im a show off or just being shy a bit.

nowaday, when i do something good i’ll just take the compliment, just a good old hey thanks! You dont need to start telling a novel about it. dont be scared to congratulate yourself for something good you did EVERY time you play. this just will make you feel so much peaceful with yourself.

Totally agree. Just handle it like a professional. Say thank you and that you appreciate. Then deflect the compliments by mentioning your teammates and their good play in the field. In the Cubs organization, we were coached on taking compliments and giving interviews… some of the same principles apply here too! Good luck!

I’m the same way, but if someone says i pitched well i will always say thank you. I’ve had multiple games this year that I’ve pitched well in, but know I could of done some things differently or could’ve been a little better. I’m never satisfied with how i do and that is what pushes me to improve. Because i am satisfied with nothing, but perfection. 8)

I agree with others that you have to be polite and not turn people off. That will only lead to other problems.

But, you do need to be honest with yourself about your performances. Only you (and your catcher :wink:) know how well you did. You know when you missed your spot but still got a strike called. And you know when you threw a great pitch even though the batter got a hit. Assess your performances honestly. And be polite with others. :wink:

Also, you have to stay focused on your goals. Don’t let bumps in the road deter you. And don’t let success make you complacent. Stay focused. And be polite with others. :wink:

Be humble of your ability and when good things go your way, act like youve been there before. Ride your highs and learn from your lows. The second you begin to think youre too good for this game is the second the game slaps you in the face.

like i said in another post dude.

You are not in the majors at all dude, i don’t think you are gettting paid to play.

With that being said, you can still train extremely hard, and try to make it to the next level, but don’t wine, and bitch to everyone while you are trying to make it higher, and higher.

Be humble, those people are saying that because they are trying to be supportive, so you can have confidence in yourself to keep training harder and keep pitching well.

Would you rather have the people in the stands, call you names, and say that you suck at pitching, and keep making pointers about you, and always nagging on you

Its called being supportive, you don’t have to jump up in the air for them and give them a hug.

All you have to do is say, thanks alot.

Thats all i say.

[quote=“chew1109”]Recently I’ve had to inform family members and friends not to compliment me on my performance. I don’t want to hear about my statistics. I feel like I’ve done pretty good so far. Pretty good, to me isn’t good enough.
What do you think of this mentality?[/quote]

To be truthful, I think it’s a rotten mentality.
It sounds like you think that criticism of your performance is going to improve your performance. I really doubt it.
Positive thoughts are going to help a lot more than negative.
When people compliment you, usually they either really mean what they say or they are trying to make you feel better about yourself.
I think it’s rude to tell people not to compliment you. They are just being nice and trying to be helpful and considerate of you. When you inform them that you don’t want their compliments, it sends a message that you think you are more important than them, you think that what they are saying doesn’t matter to you.
You need to learn to appreciate the compliments people give you.
Use the compliments to improve your confidence or deflect the praise to your teammates.