Dont let them bother you

Shoot buddy, don’t you dare worry about those teams. I never made my high school team, the reason I got was that the coach didnt have a role for me on the team. He needed pitching bad, and he lacked outfielders. I pitch, play first base, and outfield and I am a lefty. I am now a freshman playing D2 baseball with about half of my costs covered. Let yourself grow and just develop your skills everyday. Kaizen.

wow. thats inspiring

That is very cool ctpkonflict, I also play lots of positions even though I like pitching the best…oh I can hit too. Can’t wait to play high school and college, you had to be really motivated to get to that level with out high school

I played legion ball in the summers and every chance I got to play I would just sit think to myself about everything that didnt go quite my way with baseball. Oh I wasnt good enough or the coach just didnt want to have me. I thought of things like that and I played as hard as I possibly could day in and day out thinking of everything I have been through. Including breaking my pitching elbow from being overpitched when I was in middle school. I used it as something to focus on. I made it my goal to prove everyone that doubted me wrong. I felt so motivated everytime I stepped near the field, I would see the field before a game from the car and I would get the chills and just think. I get such a rush from being able to be on the field. This year I am one of two pitcher only’s at my school we are both freshman and he sees the most potential out of us. Just work hard and take every chance you get to become better. If every rep is your best work you will get better than everyone else just out there going through the motions. Think about that every time you get to a field. It sets you up mentally to be successful. You just feel the need to work hard and you enjoy doing it.

Good luck to you guys. Honestly I love college baseball, it may not be a Georgia, or North Carolina. But it is a great life experience.

You said it man.


You know if it’s your experience and you are happy then there is no problem, plus you are getting an education for a future!