Dont know whats happened?

heres the story

i was throwin on fire, hitting my spots, there was only 1 safe hit off me in 4 games!
but the past 3-4weeks something has happened.
im not as confident i can barely pitch 1 inning, cant hit my spots, none of my pitches are working, timing is off, mechanics keep changing durring the game…

i just dont get it, i train hard, eat + sleep right, am dedicated to the game.

Any one got any ideas?

its prolly just cockiness and no effort on ur part cuz it seems easy in ur league but u just dont have anymore motivation to do better if ur were dominating before. It probally seems boring to u and then u loose the mental focus and dont really care or what not.

thats what i think, good luck getting back to ur usual self.

quite the opposite…i play at a high level (3rd highest in oz), and is very challenging

well then, i was way off. i have no clue whats could be causes this.

The way I see it, the moment you think you’ve got this game mastered, it all comes crashing down. I’ve kind of adopted the mentality that a pitcher should always be striving to get better and each game is an opportunity to measure your progress and see what you need to work on from there(whether you throw a perfect game or get rocked). Thats one of the great things about pitching, even if you have a bad game, you can learn from your mistakes and become a better pitcher because of it. So I’d suggest that you figure out all the things that you are struggling with, and work on those while throwing bullpens, and use the games to check on your progress.