DONT GET Nervous....please HELP!

at times when i’m pitching a game agaisnt some of past teamates and rivals in a big game.
i get nervous when pitching.
how do i overcome this in big situations.
i want to be a pitcher with no fear.
like joba chamberlain.
bulldog mentality
im capable. coaches tell me i have real good potential.
and i believe thats true
please help

It has been my experience that pitching is 90% mental after learning the mechanics. One must be able to focus during training, preparation and games. It appears what you are experiencing is an inability to focus on the task at hand because you are being sidetracked by the emotional attachment to the rivalry. This is completely natural, as any competitor would be “juiced” to face an old teammate or rival. The key however, is to channel that additional energy. I teach the kids I coach to take a deep breath (in and out) before every pitch to help clear their heads and settle their nerves. In addition, I suggest thinking of something amusing prior to stepping on the rubber. This may sound somewhat juvenile but it seems to assist them in focusing on the game situation and their most important job, which is executing the next pitch.
As for no fear or bulldog mentality, that may be something in you and it may not. The key is to be comfortable and confident. Find your mound personality and use it. I do not believe for one second that Joba doesn’t get butterflies when he is facing Manny in a big spot. What I do believe is that he is confident in his preparation and focuses in on his execution.
In short, try to relax against your opponents regardless of who they are. You do not have to K the world to be successful. Prepare yourself mentally with a game plan and then execute it. Remember you cannot execute to your fullest potential when you are overexcited or too tense. Most importantly, enjoy your time on the mound! It is one of the few places in life where you control the tempo.

just think of it as just another batter. When I pitch i don’t care who the hitter is, weither I know him or not. You pitch you heart out and somtimes you will fail. Failure is a part of everything. But, when you fail you learn from your mistakes and fix them.

Yogi Berra used to say that “90% of pitching is half mental; the other half is physical”. He was so right—only half of pitching has to do with mechanics and repertoire. The rest?—
When I was pitching, many moons ago, I had a lot of good breaking stuff—what some call “snake jazz”—and whenever I took the mound, whether as a starter or in relief, I would think with the greatest delight about how I would make the opposing batters look very silly with the stuff I had. My best pitch was a sharp-breaking slider, and I would work off that, mixing up my pitches and working the corners the way my pitching coach had taught me, and chuckling and laughing at the sight of what usually happened to those hitters when they tried to get a piece of my slider—they would swing and miss so badly that they lost their balance and fell over on their rear ends with their arms and legs up in the air like some overturned bugs. You might think in such terms—how to make the opposing batters look stupid—and pick your best pitch and work off that. :lol: :wink: