Doing curls

yeh i was wondering if doing curls in the weight room is bad for pitching

This is a loaded question. Hopefully, if you’re doing curls, you’re balancing out your arm workouts with some triceps exercises. That’s key: working opposing muscle groups equally. For instance, triceps and biceps; hamstrings and quads, etc.

Curls alone aren’t going to help your pitching. Upper body plyometric exercises such as med ball overhand soccer throws, granny tosses, etc., are far better and more pitching specific.

depends… my thought with doing excersizes for your major arm muscles (bi’s/tri’s) is that you need to be doing at least something with them. you can’t ignore those, because they can provide stability and strength to the elbow/shoulder and serve as good injury protection, just don’t go overboard. keep it lighter weights higher reps for a toned strong muscle, you don’t want big bulky “diesel” arms because all it will do is slow your arm down, thus slowing down your pitching.