Does your School have any of these?

teachers or former student who made it in baseball.

9th grade Global His. teacher was drafted as catcher by Expos
9th grade English teacher pitched in college
Gym teacher tried out for Mets and Reds as a first baseman
7th grade math teacher was scouted by Angles as shortstop
7th grade english teacher was scouted as pitcher by Yankees
Zac Goyer is currently playing for Manhattan college as a pitcher

Head Baseball Coach - 3 Years of Minor League Baseball for the Mets (A)

Catching Coach/Basketball Coach - Played in the 1993 World Series for Pepperdine, made the All-Tournament Team at catcher, and was then drafted in the 17th round by the White Sox. (AA)

JV Baseball Coach - D1 Baseball in Kansas (Not sure of school)

Head Baseball Coach’s Brother (Sometimes helps pitchers in pens) - 4 Years of Major League Baseball with Toronto, Atlanta, and Florida.

Algebra 2 Teacher - Pitched for the school in the CIF Championship and won.

head varsity baseball coach - pitched through high school lol

head varsity football, state champ, coach - played outfield through college (and football QB)

I don’t like my school’s program

Our health teacher was a D-3 pitcher but was undefeated and a pretty good pitcher, probably could have been D-2 doubt D-1

Varisty coach was a pitcher for a nearby college he siad if he wanted to he could have gone further but decided to end his pitching career and start a family.

Our american history teacher was a D1 catcher.

My head baseball coach was a good ole benchwarmer during his high school days.

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Have 5 people whom I call friends that play for FLA, BOS, CHW, Rays, and TX

I, myslef, play Low-A ball for TX

Instructor at a facility I work at has played 3 years in the big leagues with Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Colorado.

2 guys I played college ball with whom made their big league debuts this year. (Mitch Stetter with Milwaukee) and (Joe Thatcher with San Diego) the latter who came in against Colorado and got 2 crucial outs with runners on 1st and 2nd in the get-in game…was very cool to see.!!