Does your body weight depend on how fast you can throw the b

yeh i was wondering does your body weight have any effect on how fast you can throw the ball

that depends.I mean look at clemens…you might say he is on the chunky side. But in reality he has a strong ab section which gives him alot of power. Now if you;re just flub there it doesnt help to much.

well i mean im 150 about 5;6 i got a 6 pack if i gain more weight would i throw faster

If its muscle , and in the right places probably. If its just useless fat probably not , you might get more velocity on a hill 'cause you could have more weight to throw around but i dunno for sure.

weights not a factor for me im 13 throw 76 and only 110lbs 6’ tho

Dtrain: For you specificaly you wouldn’t probably pick up anything. Although you sound well defined your fairly thick as far as weight to height, which isn’t a bad thing for pitchers. Unless it’s lean weight you don’t need it at your size and I don’t think you’d see a difference anyway.