Does weight of pitcher matter?


Good morning,
I am a 17 year old and I am very much interested in baseball. I would like to ask a question about pitching:

I am currently 17 and weight only 45 kilograms. Do you think weight matters to a pitcher at all?

Before i really grow up and stop constantly thinking about baseball, I would like to see how far i can follow this dream

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Yes and no. Lots of skinny guys are top pitchers in MLB. Some fat guys, too. :slight_smile: The best body weight is really one that allows you to be most efficient. It’s kind of vague and very individual. In the Cubs organization, we focused less on body weight and more on body fat %. That’s the ratio of fat to muscle. Pitchers were generally expected to be 12% BF% or less. But not less than 6-8%.

So you could be 225 with a 12% BF% or 180 with a 12% BF%. Either way, that was a good number for Cubs trainers.


I gotta cut off some of this chub. :lol:


I’m only about 100 pounds, so is that meaning that it is quite impossible for me to be a pitcher? I lack body fat as well…


I’d really encourage you to develop a little more body mass if you’re serious about pursuing a career as a baseball pitcher, especially at the higher levels. The stresses placed on the body during a 140-165 game season are immense, and baseball organizations are of the general belief that having a little mass allows you to sustain the wear and tear.

At 17 years old, 100 pounds is VERY light. I suggest you visit a nutritionist to set up a plan to help you get a little more mass. It’s going to include eating much, much more frequently – but being VERY healthy about it. Again, a nutritionist is your best bet here.

There are certainly other things you can focus on, too, like building quality pitching mechanics and improving your overall strength and athleticism. These are all important aspects of becoming a good pitcher.


I agree Steven, a nutritionist good do wonders for you. In fact I could stand to see one and lose some of this extra weight I have.

100 pounds is extremely light, it could be genetic but I think maybe you’re malnourished, I would try to eat more but don’t eat junk food, you still need to be eating healthy. It would also help to know your height.

Myself I’m 17 and I’m 6’ 1/2" and 215 pounds. I think I’m a little overweight but just know that weight problems high or low can be fixed, it just takes commitment, don’t give up too early. Man and I know how you feel all I can think about is baseball, in fact I’m actually in class right now, I’m supposed to be making a stop motion animation but I’m on here instead. :lol:

Anyways, if you work at it I think you can succeed if it’s what you really want to do, remember not only do you need to put on some pounds but you’ve gotta practice, practice, practice. And for someone your size I might recommend momentum mechanics but don’t take my word for it, wait for a mechanics guy to tell you that before you go out and try it.


Check out Juan Cruz of the D-Backs. He’s thin as a rail yet tops out in the mid to upper 90’s.


I played with him when he was a Cubbie, and believe it or not, he was on a big nutrition program b/c brass was concerned about his weight. Still, Cruz is more than 100 pounds. I think he’s in the 160 to 170 range – that’s a lot of PB&J’s away from 100 :slight_smile:


Actually, Cruz is A KC Royal Now!!! He checked in at 6’ 2" 145lbs

The Royal’s bullpen is gonna be solid this year.


Eggs, whole milk and whole wheat bread.


I know how you feel. I’m 16, 5’11 - 6’ ish and ~140 pounds. I look like a stick when i play baseball in my uniform. Pending on the genetics, it is much harder to gain weight then it is to lose weight. My moms a lunch lady in my school so through out 8 period i may get 3-4 full lunches when ever i feel hungry and thats just in school. After a diet like that for a year ive only gained 12 pounds.


Yeah and that can be true on both ends of the spectrum, some people can have extremely fast metabolism and eat all they can without gaining weight then there’s people like me who even go near McDonald’s and gain 20 pounds instantly.

I still think 100 pounds isn’t a genetic thing at 17, I think it’s malnutrition.


I was 6 foot and no more than 150 my senior year of college. Very thin, but the best player on the team. It’s called metabolism. Now I’m 6’3 about 200. It’s just like people trying to lose weight, you have to work hard at it.


Meh, I’ve eaten upwards of 3500 calories a day for a month or so and LOST 5 pounds.


I was the same way, trust me.

If you eat 4000 I bet you don’t lose 5.


Like I said earlier, metabolism. Mine is slow so I have to watch myself not to eat too far over 2,000 calories a day.


took physical recently - 226 lbs, 5’10’’, yeesh. 18 lbs gained from last year


[quote=“Hammer”]I was 6 foot and no more than 150 my senior year of college. Very thin, but the best player on the team. It’s called metabolism. Now I’m 6’3 about 200. It’s just like people trying to lose weight, you have to work hard at it.[/quote] you grew 3 inches since college? how old are you?