Does TuffCuff only work muscles for pitching or for full body?

Im trying to get generally stronger as well and get stronger for batting and baserunning. TuffCuff helps but is it only working the things to make me pitch better?

TuffCuff is a professional level program and hence I would assume that it works the whole body, as pitching is an action that uses the whole body. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” therefore we training it all.


Full body. Throwing programs, agility, speed, nutrition, regeneration, flexibility, etc. There are dozens of pics on the page that show what’s inside th program. It’s a complete MLB year round program updated for 2018.

What do you mean updated for 2018? There is a new version I should buy?

The first version of TUFFCUFF came out in 2007. It’s been updated 3 times since then. The most significant update is in the current version of the program. It’s virtually all new for 2018 and very different from those early editions.