Does Tuff Cuff Increase pitching velocity

I am 14 years old and can pitch around mid to high sixties. I am only 5 foot 4 inches tall and weight 105. I want to know if tuff cuff will dramatically improve my velocity and i also want to know if it will help me get bigger and stronger. Thanks.

Maby not dramatically and yes you will get stronger and bigger but how big and strong are you thinking? There are other ways to make yourself very big and strong but that won’t help as much as TuffCuff will pitching wise.

A lot of velocity comes from mechanics but once those are down then you need an edge, TuffCuff.

Thanks. What is the best arm slot to throw a baseball. I throw straight overhand but i see better velocity when i sometimes throw three quarters.

There is no 1 best armslot. Does your control get better or worse at 3/4? If it stays the same why not throw 3/4 if your faster. But if thats not your natural armslot then you could have arm problems.