Does TRX training help increase pitching velocity?


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May I know does TRX training help increase pitching velocity? In other words, by doing TRX training, will players gain velocity from anywhere between 5 to 10 mph?

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But generally either does weight lifting, sprinting, throwing, weight gain or any number of other things by themselves, in a bubble. It is not that simple. Not a linear thing usually…Do this and gain 10 mph…just doesn’t work that way for most people.
A lot of variables.


Roughly, how many reps of weightlifting/ how many throws/how far of sprints would I have to do to gain velocity? Roughly how much velocity? Thank you in advance.


My cousin is a TRX certified trainer and she is certainly fit but never played sports in high school or college. Why wouldn’t you just follow a pitcher-specific program like TUFFCUFF?


These kinds of questions are too general to have any real meaning.
A specific exercise in a vacuum is not going to guarantee a specific result.
If you look at programs that are specific to throwers they are varied. Weight lifting, flexibility, sprinting and of course throwing. Some do different things than others.
@BlueJaysFan2000, there is no way of knowing. Things just dont happen in that straight of a line. In other words, doing 3 sets of 10 of a specific lift and you gain 10 mph. It is easy to see ads saying gain 5 mph in 4 weeks…that stuff can happen but that is not the norm.
The reality is most guys (but not all) see a bump early in training then things level off. The real hard work comes in after that…the long drawn out process of progressing.
The first step should be doing an honest assessment of where you are now. What limitations do you have in terms of movement patterns? What strengths and weaknesses do you possess?
Roughly, most guys have to work on it for years. Going from 75 mph to 84 mph is much easier for most guys than it is for a higher level guy to go from 91-93. But again, this is a generalization. I have a friend that was a first round draft pick out of high school who was throwing 91-93 from the left side as an 18 year old back in the 90’s. After bulking up, getting stronger and being part of a training program with a major league organization at 26 he was throwing…91-93. There are no guarantees.
I would recommend not looking for a basic format with a promise…do this for 10 weeks and you’ll gain 10 mph…I would recommend starting with an honest evaluation of yourself. Where is your skill level? What have you been doing to train now? What is your throwing program? Get at least a basic movement screen done on yourself and take it from there.


ok thank you