Does squatting have an effect on your pitching?


I’ve been doing a lot of squatting with a bar and putting weight on it. Squatting usually improves your leg power and strengthens your lower body. If I squat will it create more velocity when I pitch?


Squats are one of the best total body exercises you can do to build a strong, stable lower body. They should be a mainstay of your workouts. Even body weight squats for high reps are awesome.


I went from not squatting at all to squatting 285 this off season and jumped from 75 to 82-83 so it was very beneficial to me


squatting will no doubt help you. one thing a lot of people forget is that your glutes need to be just as strong as your quads as well as your hamstrings. if you get deep in your squats, it will activate your behind and hammies to give you that full leg workout. mix in lots of straight leg dead lifts and dead lifts as well to maximize your lower half strength


I would also mix in some Bulgarian split squats to help develop single leg strength. This can be beneficial for the landing leg and stability as well as strength.