Does more Mass equal more velocity

hey guys whats up. I was wondering if the more mass you have the more pitching velocity you will gain. Right now i am about 5’10 and weigh 165lbs. Don’t get my wrong i am really really ripped. My muscles are pretty big but my legs are the big thing and i have a six pack. I was wondering what if i was 5’10 and 175lbs of muscle.

Would i throw harder for my pitching velocity or would i get slower. I love weightlifting but i want to do heavy weights with my upper body as well.

Mass has no direct correlation with velocity. You wont gain velocity simply by being 10 pounds more. If that were the case everyone would just eat mcdonalds until they threw as hard as they wanted.

I would avoid heavy lifting for the upper body. Most people preach light weight, more reps for a pitcher. You never see a body builder pitching right? Furthermore look at Mark McGuire, tiny as a pitcher, massive as a batter. Hell I’ve seem some weak, lanky guys in the major leagues throwing 90+

Mass = gas, baby!!

Lol. My dad used to say that for years and years. I will say that in my personal experience, adding functional strength increased my overall weight. I threw harder at 6’2" 225 pounds than I did at 215. But I was also 8% BF. However, that’s not to say I would have thrown even harder at 250 … I don’t think that’s the case. The key is finding the perfect balance in weight/size that will allow you to be functionally efficient.

Jonathon Broxton is 7’6", 480lbs and throws mid to upper 90’s.
Juan Cruz is 4’3", 112lbs and throws mid to upper 90’s.

Give or take. :wink: