Does it matter how you finish?

Since I started using my legs and hips to get a lot more speed on the ball, I’ve been finishing with my right leg coming around my left leg(Im a right handed pitcher) and falling off toward first base. I’m wondering if it matters if you finish that way or finish in a fielding position. I’ve been looking at some pictures of Tim Lincecum and he finishes the way I do. Is that a correct way to finish? I’m pretty sure if Tim Lincecum does it than it’s right but is their a better way or is it all about preference? :?

What Tim Lincecum does is right for Tim Lincecum, but it might not be the right way for somebody else. You might do better to finish your follow-through so that you’re in a good fielding position, as most major-league pitchers do.

Lots of coaches generally encourage pitchers to finish with their momentum “falling” toward home plate. But a lot of hard throwers finish more toward 1B. Finding a happy medium is key particularly when getting into a position to react and field the baseball.

…or toward third base if one is a lefthander. :slight_smile:

no but if you focus on that it means your following through and doing everything right. i finish facing home and end up like a fielder.

in 2007 i should have the pitching gold glove in little league