Does Flat Ground Pitching Have Benefits?

Hey, I was just wondering what the benefits are, if any, to flat ground pitching. I can’t always take my son to the local school so I was wondering if flat ground pitching would be a positive or negative for him.

There are varying opinions on this. I used to work on flat ground when I was learning a new pitch or working on some aspect of mechanics, but once I had these things in hand I got to the pitcher’s mound as fast as possible because I really preferred to work from there. 8)

Making sure your son is throwing should be priority #1. If he’s a pitcher and he’s not, then he’s not doing one of the most vital things a ball player needs to do. While there are certainly benefits you can’t realize from NOT throwing off a mound, I’d have to say that the positives outweigh the negatives from getting flat ground work vs not throwing at all.

If your intentions are to practice the repeatable mechanics that will allow your son to hit spots when throwing off a mound, then you must practice just that. Flat ground throwing won’t help with that. This is not to say that flat ground throwing is of no value. You just need to be aware that there are significant kinematic differences between the two. Front foot landing is lower in elevation when on the mound, so the release point relative to it changes in order to hit those spots.

Think of it as flat ground THROWING. Not pitching. If you approach it this way, it can be useful.