Does anyone knows?

Hey does anyone knows what nutrition or suplementation can I take? I want like an energy nutrition or suplementation that gives me a lot of energy and makes me stronger and last longer running and last longer on my activity. Do you know what I can take that won’t have no effect on the natural testosterone.

I’m 15 yrs. old—>( just asking in case the age matters in the nutrition or suplementation)

Well the only thing that truly comes to mind would be caffine.

To start off NOTHING will make you magically stronger, even with roids you still have to spend time in the gym.

For more energy, eat COMPLEX carbs, lots of pasta that kind of stuff.
I’m a big fan of power naps also, lay down (don’t even have to sleep) for around 15 minutes and get RIGHT UP when the time is over. You’ll feel great.

At 15 (I myself am that age also) the only supplement I would reccomend would MAYBE be added protein if you do not get enough in your diet. However even that has draw backs, such as you have to triple your water intake or you’ll cramp up really easily.

At 15 you should not be seeing any plateus if you are lifting, so creatine should not be really necessary.

My suggestions are, better your diet, and increase rest. Those two NATURAL things go a very, very long way.


you dont need any supplements at 15

use sugar for a quick energy boost, just keep a gatorade with you while working out

Why when everyone talks about protein shakes they always are like be careful or you will get cramps and they make it seem like you have to drink a ton of water. I’ve used protein shakes and have drank the same amount of water as i usually do and have never had a problem.

the more protein you consume the harder your kidney’s have to work

water helps to force out some of the excess protein, excess waste

creatine can also cause cramping in some people, but everyones body is different and reacts differently to proteins, creatines, anything you put in your body for that matters…what may give me cramps won’t necessarily give you cramps and vice versa

I agree that what may do one thing to me may do something different to someone else. I was just saying that i always hear people talking abd about protein shakes when I find them to be helpful. They make it seem like you WILL get cramps, but that’s not necessarily true.

well all liquids can help to a degree its just that water is the best for cleansing your system so to speak so that’s why people reference it all the time

other popular drinks like coke are filled with caffeine that can lead towards dehydration which should cause cramps for most people

if your drinking a good amount of water you shouldn’t suffer from dehydration

Protein takes up to 6x more water to digest than carbohydrates. If you increase your protein intake then you need to increase your water intake to account for the extra water being used to digest the protein. Many people won’t experience cramps but your body won’t work as efficiently either.

thanks for the responds. I understand that water helps to prevent cramps. I just dont like how some people are completely against protein shakes because you will cramp, which isn’t true. i was just wonering, how much protein is too much?