Does anyone know where I can get this item?


It’s the wrist guard or stablizer. Here are some pictures of some MLB players wearing it:


I think this might be what you are looking for.[/img]


its an evoshield…


Corsairkid is right. It is a baseball wrist supports]Benik W-104 baseball wrist cuff with a compression strap
. They also have some other [url=[/url].


What is it, I know a wrist supporter. But, what does it do?


It’s basically a more comfortable tape job. I think some use it if they have an injured or sore wrist or to prevent re-injury.


It is a Benik W-104 wrist brace.I know where you can find it. Go to


If you are looking for the EvoShield protective wrist guard, we carry this item in our store for a very competitive price.