Does anyone know about dick mills pitching mastery videos?


Does anyone know if his pitching videos work or are worth the money?


I would only recommend this series if you are an instructor not an individual. My dad got this series for me and it was quite an investment for him. I was initially into it and wanted to give it a shot but I found it to be information overload. There’s only so much that you can think about mechanically when you are pitching and pitching hard. Past a certain point theres just too much and I think while Dick Mills really seems to know a lot, he has the tendency to be very wordy and not break things down into the big chunky organizational level stuff that would help a player. If you are a coach , theres great things to take from his stuff but I think its more important to apply your knowledge to specific individuals than to have tons of knowledge and try to apply it to everyone. I for one felt overwhelmed by everything I was seeing in his videos,…