Do you think pitchers should move fast or slow

What do you think fast to the plate while being in control or Slow and control?

I think fast because then you can build up linear energy that can be applied to the rotational power. Which then in return will make you throw faster.

Granted, that Slow and Control will work it is not the most efficent way to throw with the body because then you will use more arm to get to the power you need instead of more linear momentum into quick rotational power.


You can go with a slow or fast…as long as you are explosive on your delivery it doesnt matter how slow or fast your wind-up is. Look at Brad Penny, he looks horrible, very slow and has a little bit of a balance point at the top of his stride and he still throws 92-95 mph.

Here is the best info I ever got from a coach and has helped me realize I throw submarine naturally and otherwise may have continued to fight my body.

Pick up a ball and without thinking throw it as far as you can. Do not use a crow hop. This is your bodies natural tempo and arm slot. If you are young you can use this as a starting point to figure out how your body WANTS to throw.

Some people go fast some go slow, no pitcher is EXACTLY the same. Find out what works for you and run with it.

Good Luck.