Do you think I have a chance of playing college ball?

I am a pitcher, 5’7, 178lbs. Due to my height, i already know to expect the worst and hope for the best. I am 16 years old and a sophomore and my fastball only reaches about 69-70 mph. I gained 5 miles from last year, so i will be doing the same training i did last offseason this year. But is there any chance at all that a college would even consider looking at me? And if so, when are most college scouts around, during the high school season or during summer ball?

Let me see now…you’re 5’7", right? There’s a chance that you haven’t reached your full height yet—that you may hit another growth spurt and pick up a couple of inches at least. And even if you don’t, there have been quite a few pitchers who are, and were, several inches shy of six feet and who didn’t let it stop them. For instance, Bobby Shantz—he was 5’6" if he was an inch, and he was a very good pitcher for several teams, including the Yankees. He wasn’t particularly fast, but he had great stuff and control, and he won more than his share of games.
As for scouts—don’t worry about them. They’re not likely to say boo to you, because they’re so obsessed with knock-the-wall-down speed that nothing else matters to them. You just keep doing what you’re doing, work on good fundamentals, add a couple of pitches to your arsenal, and concentrate of getting the best education you can and maybe you can walk on to a team, show them what you can do. :slight_smile:

Yes I do believe you can … go earn it!

Make a name for yourself buddy! Work harder than everyone else and you’ll get noticed. If you love it enough you can do it. Look up Tim Collins on the Royals. He’s listed at 5’7 170. Hes a grown man and youre just 16 so im sure youll surpass him. Good Luck Buddy!