Do you think Baseball Needs a Salary Cap?

  1. New York Yankees- 201.7 million dollars

  2. Philadelphia Phillies- 173.0 million dollars

  3. Boston Red Sox- 161.4 million dollars

  4. Toronto Blue Jays- 62.5 million dollars

Okay i from Canada, and the Toronto Blue Jays are the only canadian team, thus i root for them and cheer for them

This is just complete bull crap. No way in hell Blue Jays are ever going to win their division. Even if they try for a wild card spot, they have to beat The Boston Red Sox, which is crap too, they are high in the cap too.

I think they should maybe have like a 80million salary cap or something like that. Honestly the Yankees lineup is completely stacked.

For the allstar game you could just have the whole yankee roster lol

What do you guys think about a salary cap?

You know what else is hillarious as well.

Alex Rodriguez makes only 4 million dollars shy of Kansas Cities whole 40 man roster. HAHAHAHA

He makes 32million a year and Kansas Cities whole roster is 36million thats funny as hell hahahah

I think that it would be benificial to have some type of salary cap. Being a Milwaukee Brewer fan I know how it feels to be one of the lesser fortunete money teams. I dont know how they would do the salary cap, or how much lower it will be compared to the Yankees and those guys. But the league isnt really in any hurry. Those teams bring in ALOT of moey even though they dish it out too. The league likes money. Therefore they wanna keep the teams that bring them it alot of money happy.

in a way it is, but really, we saw what the rays did, coming up with great prospects and talented young pitchers/hitters. i think there should be a cap to avoid everyone to want to go to boston/philly/new york for money but i dont think you NEED money to be good. bautista for instence is a good exemple of a cheap player for his prod. if the blue jays could settle down, they could contest for wild card.