Do you see anything with my mechanics?


I am a college pitcher and I have been getting some arm pain lately and I can’t seem to figure out why. Could someone please tell me if they see anything. Thanks

You need to go to your youtube account and make your video public, right now it’s private!

All that I can see is that your throwing arm is ending up a little high, near your hips vs at your left knee, could be getting some weird deceleration action from that.

This video is of poor quality, in the dark, and without any perception ( front, back, side.)

Get better video quality to this question and you’ll get said same in return.

Coach B.

Upon taking a quick look at your mechanics, i have noticed a few biomechanical problems. First off you stride is a swing motion in stead of a linear drive towards home plate which causes early hip rotation as well as drawing your GH shoulder to open too early. This will also cause your back arm to drag behind putting undue stress on the elbow joint complex. I would try doing the “hershiser” drill to try and get more drive off your backside.