Do you name your pitches

One of the all time showman and best pitchers to play the game was the one and only Satchel Paige. He was as entertaining as he was talented.

Satchel use to name his pitches, like - Bat Dodger, Hurry-Up Ball, Four-Day Creeper, Long Tom, Smoke Ball, Midnight Rider and his renowned Hesitation Pitch. Paige literally owned the mound, and with every appearance entertained as he did command respect.

So, do you name your pitches? Do you give the fans in the lawn chair crowd their money’s worth? Are you worth the price of admission? Just curious that’s all.

My fastball kind of goes up and in a little so my teammates call it a “rising star”. My knuckle curveball is pretty good with a sharp drop, and I like to call it my “Let’s Embarrass Somebody…”