Do you listen to music when you pitched?

I was just wondering who listend to music while they pitched.

I keep my mind focused on what i am trying to so no music for me, I listen before!

i listen to fly like an eagle XD

I didn’t listen to music when I pitched, but would occasionally listen to music before I started in college. HOWEVER, I do know that many football teams and basketball teams will practice with really loud music to prepare for playing on the road at away venues where the crowd will be crazy big and loud… so it could have benefits. I just don’t think you need it in baseball or when practicing pitching. Find that inner calm, block everything out, and throw strikes!

mk and wht is it like beig in the bigs?

I dont listen to music, but when i pitch in games, i sometimes sing or rap under my breath, calms me down, and as an added effect, i think it might make the batters think that im loco :slight_smile:

I don’t listen to music while pitching.
I would think that it could have negative effects on a pitcher’s
Of course, I haven’t listened to music while pitching before,
so I’m not really sure.

When I was pitching, my favorite music was the good solid resounding THWACK of the ball hitting the pocket of the catcher’s mitt, followed by the hoarse yell of “STRIKE” by the plate umpire. I never tired of that. 8)

ohhh you liek to listen to the strikeout song :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I listen to music whenever i practice pitching or fielding grounders. This helps me concentrate better and i end up practicing better. And obviously practicing better makes you pitch better when it counts.