Do you like to work fast or slow?

Different tempos work for different pitchers. Josh Beckett for the Red Sox likes to slow the game down. He takes a lot of time between pitches. Other guys are ready to pitch the second the batter steps in the box.

Both are good strategies. What do you like to do?

I like to work fast. I feel like by working fast I’m in control. As soon as I get the ball back from the catcher it’s right back onto the rubber.

By the way, I think Beckett is pitching today so it’ll likely be a 4-hour game :slight_smile:

I never, ever heard anyone complain about those 2hr gems “The Greg Greg” used to twirl :lol: :wink:

becketts pitching against my Toronto blue jays :smiley:

as for the question i find its easier to focus when i work slow and make better pitches, however when i work fast i tend not to get hit as much (i know theres many other variables to this but its just the way it seems)
what ive been trying to do is batters who seem like they’re all hyper with their bat wagging around and stuff i slow down, with guys that take a while to get in the box and prepared i try to work a faster, you just have to make sure you shorten time in between pitches not speed up your delivery

I preferred to work fast. Most of the time I pitched from the full windup, so I didn’t want to waste any time lollygagging. I would get the ball back from my catcher, and as I went into the windup I would set the grip on the ball, unseen by the opposition, and then I just let fly with whatever I had chosen to throw. Also, my catcher and I liked to keep things simple—so 1 was a slider, 2 was a curve, 3 was a knuckle-curve, and 4—well, it could be any one of a closetful of changeups I had in my arsenal, and all he had to do was stick out his mitt and wait for the ball. How the opposing batters hated it! but there was nothing they could do about it, because I set the pace, I controlled the game, and I just wanted to get the batters out and get it over and done with.
And when I was relieving and I had to go to the stretch because there was a runner on base when I had entered the game, I would come to the full stop of one second—no more, no less—and same thing, I just let loose with my pitches. And when I suddenly stepped off the rubber and fired to first, a good snap-throw, the runner never could get back to the bag in time and was easily tagged out. Yummy. 8)

for me, working fast allows me to establish a rythm on the mound. personally…getting comfortable and being confident on the mound is the difference between throwing good pitches and throwing great pitches…it’s all about gettin in that zone, where you feel like you can get put the ball anywhere. if i get a good pace going and i feel relaxed on the hill, and i always throw better.

For me the longer I sit and think about the pitch the more I tense up. In order for me to be relaxed I just work away at the batter. I control him. When he steps in that box I want him as uncomfortable as possible, and I do that by working quickly. This gives me the most amount of confidence in my pitches because it is on my time and not his.