Do you let other players use your bat?

Yes or no and why?

Why not? I let them just because if they feel more comfortable with it, don’t you want to make your team better instead of whining about sharing your toys?

lol. Yeah, but I KNOW you’ve been on a team where there’s that one guy who got an expensive new bat every season and protected it like a hawk – or would save it only for games :slight_smile:

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yeah, I’ve always shared…but I have also never had a super expensive bat either.

I got a Demarini cf3 this year and don’t really plan on letting others use it though.

Yeah I usually get a new bat at least every other year and I don’t care if people use it, hell if it gets more reps it doesn’t have to be rolled :wink: .

We have someone on our team that has two bats, he has a 33/30 Stealth and a 34/31 CnXn and he will let people use the CnXn and he even uses it and then he won’t even use the Stealth he’s so cautious with it.

I have a $400 Stealth Comp, and I have no problem lending it out. I will even use it to hit fungos :lol:. Now granted I don’t hit anymore, so I guess the only action it sees is with fungoing hah.

Yea, why not.

Not many people other than the freshman and a few juniors like comp bats on my team. Everybody else uses some nice stealths and vexxums weve got.

"Yea, why not. "

because if it turns into the team bat it will become dead much quicker

Heck no

Its not that I think someone is going to mess it up or break it lol, but Im very superstitious and feel like im gonna be jynxed if someone else uses my bat or that they might take away the fire.

[quote=“tdbaseball”]"Yea, why not. "

because if it turns into the team bat it will become dead much quicker[/quote]

It won’t turn into a team bat, too many people have different preferences. trust me man, the only time I ever saw a whole team use one bat is when our coach my 12 year old year of Cal Ripken league put superballs in a bat and told us all to use it.

Depends what level you are playing at… For me, there was no way I would let someone use my game bat… Not a chance… That would be like Tiger Woods letting another golfer use his irons… Not gonna happen…
However, at the little league level and lower levels, I can see sharing an aluminum bat that everyone uses… , There is really no chance of breaking it and because of the costs of these bats, most teams share a small number of bats…
Soooooo, it depends…, what level you are at, what type of bat you are using, and what the circumstances are…
Thx… :smiley:

On my son’s travel team sure, they’re more serious about the game and understand the investment people have made.

At rec league, where some kid will be hitting the fence on deck with it, or playing swords in the dugout, no friggin way.

Once I got to the level where we played exclusively with wood I never let anyone use my bats. They could go fish their own out of the pile. A few guys told me I was too picky, after all I was just a pitcher…wasn’t like I was expected to hit anything anyway. I surprised a lot of folks.

When you find a nice wood bat you like you know you are only getting a fixed amount of swings with it before you break it. One off the hands or off the end and it is done. Generally guys understand that and respect it.

When it was all aluminum in high school then sure, but it generally wasn’t an issue in my high school since most everyone had a couple bats of their own.

However, now that I play strictly with wood I don’t let anyone touch any of my game bats, if someone is hurting for a bat to swing in a game then I have a 34" Balm bat they can use. (If you saw the size of some of my teammates this year you would laugh out loud at that comment. Most players still swung 32")

I absolutely understand not letting someone use your wood bat, I mean if someone wants one they just need to round up $30 and get a cheap one.

I try to share but there are times I just cant do it. When kids dont respect your equipment it makes it hard.

Yeah Zac I know how you feel man I have had to stop letting Crumpet use mine because he keeps cleaning his cleats off with my bat.

My son plays for a 13u travel team, and we always let the
others use his bats, and i usually buy him a new one every year.
The team he used to be on there were 4 or 5 players on the team
who did not want him to use their bat for warm ups, he likes to swing 2 bats to warm up with.
Craziest thing i have ever seen, he would be trying to get ready for his at bat in a game and he could not find a 2nd bat to get loose with.
the reasons given were they did not want there bat to clank against another bat. Unreal great teammates.
I took him off that team.

when i get my new bat this season. there is no way i am letting anyone use it because i want to keep it for as long as possible. (i’m getting a 2010 voodoo).

In the world of park-n-rec ball, youth league, and clubs of fun - it’s no big deal.

In the world of competitive sport, your one leg up on the other guy when you come prepared with your game face and all the accessories that are attached to it.

So, I guess sharing your stuff is ok when the guy next to you says - “hey, how about if I use your glove, your bat, your spikes, your hat.” Or how about the guy that’s always a day late and a dollar short? Some players will inevitably come up on the short end of the stick. Some guys will be stretched out on their couch at home playing video games and stuffing their face with chips and dip - while your cranking out the tough stuff of studying the game, developing your best pitch, reading and posting to LTP’G.

So, why not loan your stuff out and give everybody the same shot at being noticed without preparing for the time in the sun with good equipment like you have.

Look, go back and read the posts of BBathe and really concentrate on what this man is saying and why. I can guarantee you even money that he didn’t make it to where he’s been by giving others the same chances that he wanted by helping anyone but number one. Now I’m not suggesting selfishness or anything close to it - just play the numbers guys. The better you are ------ well the better you are. Let some one else work it out for themselves … that includes coming to a practice and a game as well prepared as you are.

Coach B.
(been there - done that- got the T-shirt)

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