Do you have to go to college to make it far

first i would like to apologize for all the threads.

I think i made like 3 in the past hour. But i am really confused right now, and u guys are helping me out alot(apprecaite it guys).

Q: I was offered to go to 3 baseball colleges.

But my only concern is that i hate school. Now you guys may think i am stupid, but the thing here, is that my dad, 2 uncles, and i think dad’s brother in law, they all do trades. And they make alot of money, definitely over 100k(PROFIT after taxes)… They get good hours. My dad goes to work from 7 and gets off at 4.

If i didn’t go to college and didn’t play baseball then would i still have a chance at walking on and trying to make a semi-pro team.

I would train for the next 4 years at home, and trust me, i would train hard. With that being said i get the best of both worlds.

Train at home for baseball for 4 years, plus working full time.

Thus if i don’t make ball i would still be supported financially.

If i want to make ball can’t i just train at home, do a trade, and then in 4 years try out for a semi-pro team. The scout that wanted to sign me to the school, said i have an incredible amount of potential, and said i have a definite future in baseball.

What do you guys think?

But who will you play for? Semi-pro teams don’t get looked at too hard unless it was a former draft holdout (Aaron Crow, James Paxton, etc). You can have success without going to college, but it generally requires you to have a lot of success at the HS level where scouts already saw you and marked you for the draft.

Just go the JC route if you hate school, but remember, makeup is a huge part of the game. I know a guy who was recently released from an organization who has great potential but can’t land a job because his Twitter and Facebook make him look like an alcoholic, and he’s quite frankly a giant idiot.

If you have offers I’d take one.

Why do you hate school so much? Why not find something that interests you to study? If you have a few classes in something you really enjoy I think you’ll find schooling a lot easier to handle. I can’t stand useless mathematics classes and what not but I am okay with taking those classes because I am getting to study something I enjoy, psychology.

the reason why i hate school so much, is just basically because of my own school. Basicaly for personal reasons.

Me and like 5 other kids in our grade 9 class all had over 90 percents in nearly everything.

Then what happened is we lost our math teacher, our english teacher, as well as our physcis teacher, and we lost our bio teacher,
literally all the teachers fucking left, and we got no nuts.

I finished my grade 12 year with a 50 percent in english, 51 in math, and a 50 percent in social.

You tell me what i can go to college with those marks, pisses me off.

Out of 100 kids in our grade only 2 got over 80 percent, and had honors.

I know a lot of players who were picked up by minor league teams after playing indy ball… its pretty common for pitchers who prove they can deal at the indy level, especially mid season when injuries start to take a toll on minor league teams. Its a feeder to the minors.

But college is almos essential from a life perspective these days.

nah dude. Up here in northern canada, people pay alot for the trades, i said in either this post or another. My dad makes over 100k a year(profits after taxes).

Thats why i am debating whether to continue with college/baseball or just start right now

The reason is that if i go to school for 4 years get a business degree/whatever, then play ball for 2 more years. That means i am 24 years old and i am basically flat on my ass.

Sure a business degree is nice, but a guy i know played minor league ball, stopped, had a business degree, and now is working at a grocery store, because he can’t find jobs.

So i really don’t know anymore. confusing.

Life choices, brother. They’re supposed to be tough. :wink:

You’ve received a lot of good advice here. I’d only add that training on your own for 4 years is not the same as training AND playing for 4 years. There’s no substitute for game play so even f you don’t go to college I would suggest finding a way to play in addition to your training - if possible.