Do you feel bad when you "bean" hitters?

I didnt. Interesting to note: in mlb, hitters get hit by pitches 1 out of 100 at bats, on average.

I never hit anybody on purpose. If I hit them, it would have meant I didn’t have the control that day working well in some pitch. I remember my senior year was when I felt the worst about it. The count was 2-2 and I was going to play hardball and throw some hard chin music to get the kid behind the ball and get him out. I ended up beaning in the head, knocked him off his heels and his helmet off. I didn’t get thrown out thank goodness, but that was his first at bat. Felt really bad, and every at bat after that, he stayed off the plate and I threw sliders to him. The big thing is take advantage of a previous mistake, especially if the mistake rattles a batter.

A couple of weeks ago I did feel really bad, I didn’t bean the hitter on purpose, we were in a Major tournament and the wind was totally going, dust going everywhere. I threw a 2 seamer in that the wind took and hit the hitter in the lower jaw, breaking his lower jaw. Kid was in my class in school and I totally felt like crap. I checked on him on facebook, that night and he missed school Monday, he started onto facebook Monday and thankfully he had braces that meant he didn’t have to have any other medical things done to set his jaw. He told me that when the wind came up, the dust kept him from seeing the ball and he didn’t know where the ball was till, “BANG”.

He’s back to playing now and I we will be playing together next year.

only if its in the head, i beaned a batter and later learned he had a concussion for 2 months and couldnt write his final exams

no. If it was a mistake then it was a mistake and there’s nothing you can do about it - that’s baseball. If it was intentional then he presumably deserved it.

Nah—I never beaned anyone. I didn’t have to. Not having a fast ball, I relied on my snake-jazz and control, and that threw their timing off. :slight_smile:

I try not to hit hitters but sometimes things happen. for instance last game I pitched it was the 7th (and last inning im my leauge) and i had 12 pitches to get out the last 2 batters. i had had a 1 hitter up to this point and on the last out i had 8 pitches to get him out. he fouled off ball after ball after ball so i got sick of him and tried to brush him off the plate. the ball came up and hit him in the shoulder just below the neck. after that pitch i got pulled :cry: lessen learned never EVER throw at a guy no matter how much he pisses you off :x :x :x

My son (11U) hit three batters in his last game. Didn’t feel sorry about the first two, even though both batters got hurt. The opposing coach told their players to crowd the plate. And they did. First kid checked swing, and hands definitely moved into the pitch, which was just off the inside corner. Nailed him in the hands. Off he goes for ice pack and his tournament is done. Second guy swings his elbow into the pitch. Again, the pitch is just off of the inside part of the plate. Plunk, off the elbow. Opposing SS and the pitcher are now out of the game. My son felt bad about the third kid. Plunked him in the ribs. The kid was on top of the plate, but my son felt bad cause the pitch was a ball. Finished the game (5 innings) with 12 Ks, one walk, two singles and 3 hit batsmen . . . . and a reputation :). The opposing coach thought that if they crowded the plate, my son would be afraid of hitting a batter, keep the ball outside, walk batters, and leave early with a high pitch count. Instead, his SS and pitcher left early.

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absolutely not. Getting hit is as much a part of baseball as any other. There are times as a pitcher that you need to protect your players also. As a pitcher, you also need to learn what’s appropriate in beaning someone. nothing goes above the shoulders, that’s dangerous and stupid. Drill him between the #'s. Ask Steve or anyone else who has played at that elite level and it’s gonna happen.

Been my experience that batters consider a rope of the pitchers knee cap as quite an achievement … just sayin.

As a dad, scary to watch, though. My son took a rip on the kneecap the other week, went down and stayed down for five minutes. Got up, hobbled to the dugout, and sat down with his friend, Ice. Thankful no damage done.

I’ve only felt bad once. i’ve hit quite a few ppl trying to establish the inside part of the plate and have also hit a couple on purpose, they deserved it. Hit a guy in the ear hole at 96mph , sever concussion and blew out his ear drum , horrible feeling to see him leave and go to the hospital. i called him a few yrs later after i met a friend of his playing ball and called to say sorry and that it was most definately unintentional, but you have to remember its part of the game and it happens. sometimes it just worse than others.