Do you believe in the phrase "he throws a heavyball&quo

the last 2 yrs of baseball one of my sons coaches uses the term heavy ball to describe my son,s pitching. I had never heard that term till he used it. he isnt the hardest thrower on our team. I guess my question is this if 2 pitchers throw and have similiar mechanics, height ,and weight and have identical release points and ball release speed is the ball going to hit the catchers mitt at the same exact speeds? does it have the same amount of force or can it differ. if one does have more force then the other it seems to me that with the trampoline effect of the new bats it would actually get hit harder. I think he is actually using the term as a compliment because when my son pitches he throws lots of ground balls and has only giving up one long ball in 3 years of pitching 10,11,12 yr old ball( far less then anyother pitcher we have). any ideas of what the term means in your guys opinion?

throwing a “heavy ball” is just describing the velocity that the ball seems to travel. a heavy fastball just sneaks up on the hitter and it feels as though the ball is being thrown hard…although it might not be.

The term “heavy ball” has been used to describe a particularly nasty sinker, such as the one Spud Chandler of the Yankees threw. Chandler had one of the most devastating sinkers in the American League, and one time Ted Williams told a few of his teammates to beware of that pitch. So it’s very likely that your kid throws one, and coaches are aware of it. 8)

Oh yeah, I played with kids who threw a heavy ball and I didn’t like playing catch with them. Sergio Mitre, the Yankees pitcher, threw a heavy ball – and also 90+ mph. His ball backed up a bit, and I always caught it funny … I think that’s the key to throwing a heavy ball.

Those are the guys you always seem to tweak your thumb with!!! ARGHHH