Do Weighted Balls have any use for 10 yo?

I have read some of the forum history and wonder if they have any use? Warm up? Long toss?

IMHO, no. I view the use of weighted balls as more of an optimization to be utilized after a pitcher has established good mechanics and functional strength.

My 15 year olds pitching coach just had him start using the weighted balls after 7 years of training with the same coach.

His mechanics and strength levels have reached the point where he can get results from step up then down with the weighted balls.

As Roger mentioned the mechanics and strength have to be there for the pitcher to get value without injury. In my opinion, value without injury should be considered whenever dealing with young pitchers. This would include training, conditioning, pitch counts, etc. With the seemingly ever increasing amount of young pitching injuries, focus needs to be placed on preventing injuries above eveything else in youth baseball.

Sorry for the rant, just my opinion.

We would absolutely not use under/overload baseballs for biologically immature athletes.

I’m a noob, so take this into account…

I have a theory that throwing a weighted baseball means that the arm speed is going to be lower and the stresses on the joints from the dynamics (interia+speed) of throwing would be lower.

Do you think throwing a football is injurious? How is throwing a football different from a weighted baseball?

The flip side of this is that throwing a Wiffle Ball hard is probably harder on the arm than throwing a baseball.

My other (noob) opinion is that throwing a weighted ball doesn’t make a lot of sense, for youngsters at least.

Just my opinion, some grist for conversation…